I am amazed by your skill. your art style is probably my favorite of all freaking time. like seriously. I'm probably never getting over this blog. YOUR ART IS FREAKING PERFECTION. that is all. :)

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate you taking the time to write me such a lovely message!


Another picture of my lovely new working corner! lulles is an amazing artist that made the work “Unbreakable Spirit”, you should totally follow her and buy her stuff on Inprnt  … i just biugh the frame. 

Thank you Luisa! I really love it! 

It’s so cool seeing my art framed and hanged! Thanks for sending pics, and for shopping at my print store :>

Journey sculpture I made a few years ago, before starting college. Sculpted with clay then cast in bronze, it stands  around 9.4 inches tall. It was my very first try at sculpting so it’s very dear to me!

If it's not too much trouble, I wanted to ask you about a few of your drawings, specifically the link and sarah pictures that look like they were draw with color pencils but are done in PS. I was curious mostly how you kept your lineart. I noticed that it was a sketch that you drew and then scanned it. I suppose it's weird to ask, but I'm really curious because I really like how they turned out. Hope I'm not bugging you.

After I scan the lineart and open it in photoshop, it’s placed on the background layer by default. I duplicate that layer (Ctrl + J) and fill the background layer with white, leaving the lineart on the top. Then I set it as Multiply or Color Burn, and add colors on layers below it!

How big, pixel wise, do you make your digital paintings for printing? Sorry if this has been asked before. xD;

Very big, haha. I usually start with something around 3500 x 4960, and most of the time go bigger. If it’s a full body, for example, I use a bigger size since the face and the rest are smaller than if I were working on a portrait. I work on a big canvas not only in case I want to print it, but also because you need that big size to paint comfortably and add enough details. Working on a small canvas is a nightmare, believe me.

An animatic that I might turn into a short animation at some point in the future.

Sketch commission for gulaghar!

Process and details of this piece.

Forgot to tell you guys that I’m also on DrawCrowd! It’s a really fun site full of amazing art, you should check it out :)

I imagine Saria would feel at peace taking walks through the Lost Woods.