An animatic that I might turn into a short animation at some point in the future.

Sketch commission for gulaghar!

For info on how to order, check this page. 

Samples: 1, 2, 3

Thought I’d take some commissions while I’m away during August! I’m taking full-body traditional sketch commissions! If you’re interested, email me at

Since I’ll be away, I won’t have my scanner with me, so you’ll only receive the final scan of your commission at the end of the month. I’ll send you a picture of it just so you see how it looks, though :)

Summer sale on my shop! All prints are discounted (equivalent to free shipping). The sale goes on till August 31. I added a bunch of new ones, so go check them out!

Process and details of this piece.

Forgot to tell you guys that I’m also on DrawCrowd! It’s a really fun site full of amazing art, you should check it out :)

I imagine Saria would feel at peace taking walks through the Lost Woods.

Hey! Do you think you could give some tips on blending colors? (I want to be good like you) *^*

Blending is basically eyedropping like crazy. Lower your brush’s opacity (or turn Transfer on) and alternate between painting and eyedropping. If you want a painterly look, you need to know when to stop blending and just let the brush strokes show. Make sure to vary the direction of your strokes too, instead of just following the silhouette of the shape. Hope this helps!

A redesign of princess Daisy, inspired by her classic look. I always liked how the main color scheme for her dress was yellow and white, and how the pink crown contrasted with the yellow!

Process of this piece.